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Thai Food and Culture

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Thai Food and Culture What best represents a country’s culture? There are many to choose from like people, food, tv shows/series, music and yes, too many to mention. But going to a new place, a traveler’s first question will always be about the people and the food. Is it safe to travel alone? Are the people [...]

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There is a Thai dish to suite everyone’s preference

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There is a Thai dish to suite everyone's preference Different people have different food preferences. Some are more adventurous with food. They are willing to try new dishes, new restaurants, every time they dine out. On the other hand, others are satisfied ordering the same food, over and over again, at the same restaurant. There are [...]

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The Best Pad Thai

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The Best Pad Thai Phat Thai, Phad Thai or Pad Thai is a dish that is generally made up of rice, stir-fried with noodles and is commonly served as a street food in casual restaurants in all of Thailand. Some are of the opinion that this delicious dish of Pad Thai was introduced by Viet traders [...]

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Thai Food Myths or Facts: Answered

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THAI FOOD MYTH OR FACT: ANSWERED Thai cuisine became popular over the years, not only in Asia but all over the continent. But with that opinion was thrown and connotations - Thai food myth - are formed.  In the past 15 years, the Thai population in America has doubled in size, and it's a community that [...]

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