Thai Eating Culture You Must Know

Thai Eating Culture You Must Know

Every country has its own eating practices and traditions. In Asian countries, most people use a spoon and fork when devouring their food. Others utilize chopsticks, and some even use their hands in eating, especially if the food is dry. 

On the other hand, western countries have a different culture when dining. A fork and a knife are usually on the table whenever they have their meal. Using the hands when eating is a big NO-NO in western culture unless the food on the table is finger food. 

Whatever practices each country observes, isn’t it interesting to learn various traditions to broaden our knowledge about different table etiquettes like Thai Eating Culture? We will talk about Thai Eating Culture in this article so that you will have an idea of Thailand’s table manners, in case you plan on dining in one of their restaurants or visit the country. 

Thai Eating Culture: Ordering Food

Locals love sharing food with their companions, so they always order a family meal whenever they eat in a group. This is an essential Thai Eating Culture you should remember, mostly when you eat with the locals unless you are eating alone, then you can have a single order for yourself.

In Thai Eating Culture, the fact that everybody shares all the dishes, each person has his/her own plate, bowl for the soup, and a spoon and a fork. Thais eat their food with a spoon and a fork though they sometimes eat using their right hand only since they believe that the left hand is dirty. 

You should pour your soup into your bowl and use your spoon to have your soup quietly. Slurping the soup is a taboo in Thai Eating Culture, so bear this in mind, especially when you are from a country where eating nosily and slurping any liquid is a practice.

Presentation of Food

Food plating plays a vital role in Thai Eating Culture, especially when you dine in a restaurant since it is enticing for someone to see his/her food presented deliciously. Furthermore, to give an exquisite experience to the diners, chefs, or cooks, make sure to have a superb presentation of the food before serving. Carved fruits or crops make the dining ambiance more pleasant and unforgettable. 

Dining as a Guest

When a local friend invites you to their homes, it is great to remember this Thai Eating Culture to make your visit unforgettable and your host happy. 

At the dining table, you must not fill your glass of water. Instead, wait for the person sitting beside you to fill it for you. And it’s the other way around. You should be alert when your neighbor’s glass is empty and pour the drink for that person. 

Suppose the hose serves something that you don’t like or are allergic to it; they would appreciate it more if you decline politely or explain why you can’t have that particular food rather than leaving your plate untouched. Though you are not required to finish all your food, it would still be nice not to waste any food.

Another Thai Eating Culture you should consider is to show your gratitude to your host and appreciate the meal they serve you.

Other Thai Eating Culture

When visiting a local’s house, it is their practice to leave the shoes or slippers at the home’s doorstep before entering. And when they have their meal, they usually have a center table where they serve the food, and everybody squats or crossed their legs on the floor while eating. 

Snacks are also typical in Thailand. With the various food they sell, your tastebuds will have a feast upon tasting the street food they offer. They have all kinds of street food such as barbecues, spring rolls, sticky rice rolls, deep-fried food, fruits, and many more. If you are into exotic food, you can try bamboo worms, dancing shrimp, red ants, and so on. 

Rice is an essential part of Thai Eating Culture since most Thai dishes are paired with rice. The most delicious rice they commonly cook is Jasmine Rice. You can have a bowl of plain rice to go with the food or order stir-fried rice combined with other servings. When eating sticky rice, Thais love to take a piece of it and roll it with their hand before eating it. 

Now that you’ve learned some Thai Eating Culture, I think you are ready to dig into different Thai Cuisine. Just always bear in mind all the dos and don’ts when or before feasting on the various dishes, and when you do, I guarantee that you will be eating like royalty. 

Your time in reading Thailand Eating Culture You Must Know is well appreciated, and we hope you have a point of view on Thai Eating Culture.

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