Thai foods are some of the delicacies in Asia that you do not want to miss. I might suggest Thai soups, as these are proven to be very delicious. Some of the famous thai soups that are worth trying are the following:

Seafood Soup or Tom Kha Chicken Soup
This soup is considered to be very unique and delicious, because coconut milk is used as one of its ingredients. This soup can be created in two ways. The first way, which is also referred to as Tom Kha Kai, uses chicken as one of its ingredients. The second version uses seafood in the mixture. Both versions are equally popular in Thailand because of their authentic taste. The soup incorporates a wide array of spices and is tamed with the help of coconut milk. The result is the mixture that is authentically Thai and completely different from any other seafood or chicken soup.

Thai Chicken Cabbage Soup
This soup is popular in Thailand, because aside from its delicious taste, it is also proven to be low in fat and calories. It is the main reason why this soup is highly recommended by most nutritionists. You can even try to cook this at home and you can do this in according to your own tastes and preferences. The soup is composed of healthy and delicious ingredients like boneless and skinless chicken breasts, chicken broth, leeks, carrots, cabbage, egg noodles and Thai chili sauce. You can cook this soup within 45 minutes. Just keep in mind that it is best for you to serve this soup while hot because it can heighten its appetizing flavor. In place of leeks, onions can also be used. If you want to give the soup more of a Thai flavor, lemon grass can also be added on the mixture. This can make the soup even more exotic and delicious.

This is among the most famous Thai soups that are best served during dinner. This soup uses seafood, vegetables, and coconut milk for its ingredients. To intensify its flavor, tiny chili and lime juice are also added. Tom-Yang-Gung is also best served with steaming hot rice.

Tom Kha Gai
Tom Kha Gai is a highly popular Thai soup known for its intense and aromatic flavors and its rich and creamy coconut-infused broth. Tom Kha Gai translates as “boiled galangal chicken.” Galangal looks similar to ginger and is related to it, but has a more peppery and pungent flavor. Use galangal for this recipe if you can find it (available at most well-stocked Asian markets) or substitute with ginger.

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