Southern Thai Dishes

Southern Thai Dishes

Southern Thai Dishes You Must Try At Yummy Thai Flowermound

Are you a fan of Southern Thai dishes because of it’s close similarities to Indian food? Then keep reading this article to find out more!

If you are a real food lover, then Southern Thai dishes is something you could find as a gem. It is the best to enjoy some spicy and finger-licking food. Southern Thailand has a few culinary heavyweights that could potentially give a healthy competition to any Thai food battle.

In the southern part of Thailand, Thai Food collides with intensity. It’s cooked up with some added spices to make it intensely spicy.

A Little History About Southern Thai cuisine

More than its cultural variety, Thailand is majorly known for a remarkable different mammoth selection of food. The range that it consists of is undeniably flickering, which makes every food lover go fanatical. Though ninety percent of Thailand’s population is Buddhist, the community of this area is Muslim predominantly.

Over the past two thousand years, the ancestors of Muslims dwelling in Thailand had immigrated to this area from the Indian subcontinent. The food/cuisines here bear the closest similarities to Indian food which we call Southern Thai dishes.

The “not-that-sharp” bite of chili that burns up for quite a sometime and then dispels. But is like that inner inferno, like an inglenook lit in your tummy. But heat is not the core flavor of Southern Thai dishes. This cuisine is discernible by an organic profusion of herbs, local provisions of coconut cream, and the standard rich spice blends, which are lemongrassgalangal, garlic, turmeric, and kaffir lime leaves.

Here are some Popular Southern Thai dishes that one can try

Kaeng som pla

Kaeng/Gaeng som pla is a soup with such a robust delectable flavor. It is a culinary wake-up call and an ultimate bigwig of Southern Thai comfort. It’s similar to a bowl of orange juice set on fire. It’s known as the sour curry in Thai and could be found in different types of tastes. Gaeng som pla goes with a liquid fish base blended with turmeric and curry paste, which gives it a yellowish-orange color. It goes together with bamboo shoots, slices of pineapple, or green papaya.

Kaeng Tai pla

When you are in south Thai, Gaeng Tai Pla is something you can’t miss, and it would likely be the first thing your appetite will demand. The thick fish soup is more like a multidimensional stew with layers of composite tang. Ingredients behind its lip-smacking tastes are- a combination of fish viscera, grilled fish, pumpkin, string beans, fermented shrimp paste, eggplant, and bamboo shoots. Eat this one of the Southern Thai dishes at a good Thai Restaurant like Yummy Thai Flowermound and see how its delectable taste clinches your culinary desire.

and more…

Kua Kling

Since Thai curries are popular worldwide, Kua Kling is the one that tops the chart and is the most exquisite beverage for the real curry lover, Kua Kiling is what you can’t afford to miss. It’s commonly with chicken or beef. Its dry meat is just like a mop that absorbs a high concentration of spice. The fantastic taste comes from the curry paste, chilies, garlic, and lemongrass, which is inject in the meat while cooking before.

Tom som pla krabok

Another fishy soup from southern Thai Cuisine, Tom Som Krabok, is one of the sourest soups that Thailand has to offer from its culinary. Every single spoonful is tongue smacking that results in an apparent grimace, but immense internal delight. Apart from being massively sour, the soup consists of the fusion of turmeric root, shredded ginger, and tamarind juice, which is the perfect taste of southern Thai dishes!

Nam prik goong siap

Nam Prik Goong Siap is one of the most popular and spicy sauce variations that originate from the lower portion of Thailand. There is a unique blend of spices used to prepare this fantastic dish, which are the dried shrimp, fermented shrimp paste, fiery chilies, lime juice, fish sauce, and the garnishing of brown sugar to level things off. Its most potentially served as a dip along with a garden of fresh vegetables. 

Southern Thai Dishes

You can enjoy these Southern Thai dishes well when you eat authentic Thai cuisine available like Yummy Thai Flowermound! We invite you to visit us and satisfy your cravings. Call us on 469-993-1399 for reservations.

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