Thai Food and Culture

What best represents a country’s culture? There are many to choose from like people, food, tv shows/series, music and yes, too many to mention. But going to a new place, a traveler’s first question will always be about the people and the food. Is it safe to travel alone? Are the people friendly? Is the food healthy? Do they cater to my meat-eater travel buddy? Can one wear a dress above my knees outside? Today, let’s get to know one of the favourite travel destinations of many tourists – Thailand also known as The Land of Smiles.


Thailand is located in South East Asia. Just like many other countries in Asia, rice is a commodity. For the weather, it is mostly tropical that consist of the dry and wet season. The best time to visit is from November to January when the weather is at its best. As for the religion, there are a lot but most of the people are practicing Buddhism.


Thailand is known for the Land of Smiles for a reason. The people are one the kindest in Asia, welcoming each tourist with a smile. As mentioned, the majority religion is Buddhism hence avoid wearing revealing clothes when entering/visiting their temples.

Places to visit

One will never run out of things to do in Thailand. One can go shopping in the City center, Bangkok. People often say that it is better t0 buy in bulk because it is cheaper. If shopping is not your thing, one can do temple hopping in the city or the rural area. What more? The country is also known to have one of the white, clean and best beaches in the region. Why not make a visit to see for yourself? Another activity is a food trip in the streets of Bangkok.


One will never leave Thailand without gastronomical satisfaction. There is a food for everyone’s preference – may he/she likes vegetables, meat or fish. On the street, one can buy a decent meal like Pad Thai or spring rolls at $5. Take note, Pad Thai is freshly cooked in front of you. What a beautiful sight is that! Also, since rice is a staple, expect to see desserts that are obviously made from rice or processed from rice. In addition, Thai cuisines are authentic in such a way that they were able to preserve it through ages; no fusion and less influence from other countries. Thailand definitely has a rich culture making it one of the places worth visiting. The good thing is one doesn’t need to go to the other side of the world to experience Thai’s culture through its food. How? Yummy Thai lets you experience a taste of Thailand with its authentic dishes. Take advantage and dine and eat to your heart’s content. Who knows, this might be one of the reasons for you to visit or revisit the country too!