Spicy foods are a bit of mystery. It’s like riding a roller coaster for the first time or

running a marathon. Oddly enough, humans find pleasure in things like these, even

though it’s painful or scary. We are just so curious of the things that takes a little bit

of courage to do — adventures.


Yes, indeed. Spicy foods are like adventures.


And just like adventures, there’s a health benefit in eating spicy foods. Some of the

most-studied healthy benefits of spicy foods are:


Weight Loss — We all know that spicy foods burn fats faster than your everyday

dietary supplement. An extra kick of hot sauce, chilies or jalapeno can make even the

blandest diet food more palatable, causing you to be more likely to stick with your

weight loss plan. In addition, they may jack up your metabolism. Studies show that

the main compound in chilies, called capsaicin, has a thermogenic effect and may

cause the body to burn bonus calories for 20 minutes post chow-down.


Heart Health — Studies show that Thai people have a much lower incidence of heart

attack and stroke because of spicy dishes have been one of their normal dishes every

day. This is because chili peppers can reduce the harmful effects of bad cholesterol,

and capsaicin (a compound found in chilies) may fight inflammation of the heart.


Cancer Prevention — It almost sounds too good to be true, but a chemical

that can kill cancer cells with little or no harmful side effects – and even more so if

you love spicy food. Researchers in the United Kingdom have found that capsaicin,

which is found in hot peppers, can cause cancer cells to self-destruct. Amazing,



Lower Blood Pressure — According to Reuters Health, “people who like spicy foods

may eat less salt and have lower blood pressure, potentially reducing their risk of

heart attacks and strokes, a study from China suggests”. Vitamins A and C strengthen

the heart muscle walls, and the heat of the pepper increases blood flow throughout

your body. All of this equals a stronger cardiovascular system.


Lessens Stress — Spicy foods boost production of feel-good hormones, such as

serotonin. So they may help ease depression and stress.


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