Yummy Thai Desserts You Must Try in 2021

Yummy Thai Desserts You Must Try in 2021

Are you thinking of desserts right now? How about trying Yummy Thai Desserts to know why Thai dishes are sought after by many people around the world, whether they are in Thailand or other parts of the globe. 

Thailand has an abundant supply of tropical fruits, which are the main ingredients of their many Yummy Thai Desserts. If you have a sweet tooth, you will definitely love the various Yummy Thai Desserts you can order from any Thai restaurant. However, if you are not a fan of sweet food, for sure, you have other options you can choose from the menu

Let’s talk about the different Yummy Thai Desserts that you can add to your “must-try” list when you go out with your friends.

Mango Sticky Rice (Khao Niao Mamuang)

Have you tried eating sticky rice plus ripe mango? Hmm.. This treat should be on your “must-eat” list when you order your Yummy Thai Desserts. Khao Niao Mamuang is among the well-known and most fancied Yummy Thai Desserts. The sliced fresh mango is paired with sticky steamed rice, which is poured in coconut milk.

Coconut Rice Dumplings (Khanom Tom)

Have a bite of this simple yet Yummy Thai Dessert called Kanom Tom, which consists of glutinous rice flour (shaped into cute little round balls), sugar, and grated coconut meat or flesh (serves as the fillings of the dumplings). 

Thai roti

Don’t forget to get Thai Roti when you order your Yummy Thai Dessert. Why? Because it the most sought-after dessert or snack of the locals and the foreigners. Compared to the simple snack before to the many selections of flavors today, this Yummy Thai Dessert has come a long way. The various flavors you have to choose from are banana, chocolate, apples, and many more.

Sticky Rice in Bamboo (Khao Lam)

Indulge yourself with this Yummy Thai Dessert, which is a typical snack or dessert in Southeast Asia. And this is often enjoyed over a cup of coffee while chatting with your friends or loved ones. The sticky rice is placed in a specially prepared bamboo-section then roast the food. Furthermore, you can choose between the savory and sweet flavor of this Yummy Thai Dessert.

Durian Sticky Rice (Khao Niao Toorien) 

Do you like eating durian? Some people can’t stand the strong smell of this fruit, but when it is mixed with coconut milk, sticky rice, palm sugar, and ice, you’ll surely forget the unique scent of the fruit and devour the Yummy Thai Dessert

Mung Bean Cake (Khanom Mo Kaeng) 

If you love cakes, you can order Khanom Mo Kaeng and discover the flavorful taste of this Yummy Thai Dessert. Mung Bean Cake is a traditional Thai dessert consisting of palm sugar, eggs, coconut milk, white sugar, shallots, oil, and salt. 

Coconut Pancakes  (Khanom Ba Bin or Khanom Krok) 

These cute tiny coconut pancakes are among the Yummy Thai Desserts and favorites of the Thais. You’ll love Khanom Krok after having a bite because of its crispiness on the outside and the warm and soft texture on the inside. This super tasty snack is cooked in a hot griddle pan. 

Coconut Icecream (Itim Kati)

Ice cream lovers would be delighted to have Itim Kati on a hot summer day because this delicious non-dairy ice cream is rejuvenating. When you want to add more excitement to your ice cream, you can top it with fruits (like mango or jackfruit) or nuts. 

Banana in Sticky Rice (Khao Tom Mud) 

Consisting of steamed sticky rice, bananas, coconut milk, sugar, and wrapped in a banana leaf, your Khao Tom Mud is ready to be devoured. This Yummy Thai Dessert is easy to prepare when you plan on making it at home.

Khanom Chun

Khanom Chun is an ancient Thai dessert that is very inviting. Why?  Because its colorful and nine-layered appearance will immediately catch your attention when you browse the menu in a Thai restaurant. A long time ago, this Yummy Thai Dessert was served on an auspicious occasion to bring prosperity and success in life. 

When you opt for Asian desserts, don’t forget to include in your bucket list the different Yummy Thai Desserts to discover why many foreigners are indulging themselves in these delicious treats. On the other hand, if you have been into Thai dishes and still crave them from time to time, for sure, you know the reason behind the craziness of people in the various Thai food. 

And if you suddenly want to eat Yummy Thai Desserts, invite your friends and drop by at a Thai restaurant near your place (workplace or home). 

We appreciate you for taking the time to read about Yummy Thai Desserts You Must Try in 2021. Keep posted on our next article.

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